Norman "Maverick" Rogerson

Masters Bodybuilding Champion, Fireman

I've been training pretty much all of my life as a hobby and as my full time job as a Firefighter. I've known Simon(Diesel) for a lot of years as a coach and as a friend. During this time he has guided me in various aspects of my training and nutrition. I've had numerous leg workouts with him which were only 30mins but felt like the end of the world. But to be honest I love the pain haha.

I had been toying with the idea for a lot of years of maybe one day competiting, last year I made a bucket list and doing a show was on the list, I sat down and basically turned the switch and decided I'm doing it, I needed a coach and there was no one I trusted more with my journey than Diesel.

I may have trained for a number of years but the knowledge I needed to be show ready was a whole different ball game, Diesel wrote my diet, training plan and also my highly painful cardio sessions, from start to finish he was there every step of the way with weekly check ins to the posing and even when things got really hard he was there to kick my arse when I needed it. 

I cant say enough about the guidance I got from Diesel, I would recommend anyone doing the same to look no further than Diesel.

I completed the 14 week prep, which resulted in me winning  the UKBFF Sugar Classic 2018 Masters Bodybuilding Class.

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