Nick Miles: a powerlifting success story

There’s no better testament to the work we do than the success stories of our clients.

Nearly a decade ago, Nick Miles came to our Head Coach and Program Designer, Simon, via another one of his clients. 

As a middle-aged man, he didn’t really know what he wanted to gain from his training – he just knew he was ready to make a change and level up his fitness. 

Over the years, Simon and the team have built Nick into a very accomplished powerlifter. He competed in his first powerlifting competition last year and did amazingly well, gaining British records in his category and qualifying for the National Championships, where he achieved more personal bests in his lifts.

Nick is proof that when you stay committed, you really can achieve incredible things.

Nick has the following to say about his experience with Simon and Physically Fit:

“I came to weightlifting later than most and quite frankly, didn’t have a clue what I was doing. On a friend’s recommendation, I met Simon and started working under his guidance around 2013. He has taken me from a middle-aged fella who didn’t have a clue and couldn’t squat or deadlift, to a guy who has now competed in powerlifting. 

Last year, with his guidance, I qualified for the nationals in the GPC federation and smashed a PB squat there, too.

His belief in me and his continual coaching has meant that I have lifted weights that I never thought I would never be capable of. We both believe that more is yet to come, and I know having him behind me with his in-depth knowledge gives me the best chance possible going forward. I consider him not only my coach but a very good friend. Thanks Simon, onwards & forwards.”