About Physically Fit

PhysicallyFit could best be described as a performance driven coaching service.

We prove you with all the knowledge and programming you need to obtain your strength, fitness and conditioning goals.

We are not a quick fix, 30 day transformation service, we wont ask for your before and after pictures so we can boost our sales, all we ask is 100% commitment to the process and in return we guarantee progress.

Our programs range from absolute beginner's programs to full on 12 week coaching programs for Bodybuilders, Strongman, Powerlifting, Fitness, Sports Specific.

You can choose from Specific exercise programs, like Improve your Deadlift or Full training programs covering all aspects of strength training.

About Simon "Diesel" Yates, Head Coach and Program Designer

With Over 20 years in the Fitness Industry, Simon has Worked with clients in a huge variety of sports, including bodybuilding, bikini competitors, men's physique, strongman, powerlifting, boxing, mixed martial arts, rugby and football.

Simon himself has competed to British finals level in Bodybuilding, and has coached numerous top level competitors from off season to competition day.

Competed in Strongman at 105kg and masters level, titles including officialstrongman.com Europe's Strongest Man, 1st and 2nd, Placing Top 5 in The World Championships Static Monsters 2019 in Australia. 2nd Place In England's Strongest Masters.