What is Corporate Strong?

The main objective of Corporate Strong is to take the busy, stressed, working man or woman, educate, motivate and inspire them to lead a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Strong has been over 25 years in the making, not the actual idea, but the time i have spent in the fitness industry, accumulating knowledge in all aspects of health, strength, diet and fitness. A lifetime study into the most effective, safe and simplest ways to get fitter, stronger and healthier without it becoming all consuming. 

I developed this idea because I hear the same reasons from people about,

1.Why they cant stick to a program

2.Find it impossible to find the time to train

3.Don't have time to prep food

4.Lack motivation due to busy, stressful work and home life.

and I wanna change that for them.

As I'm now well into my 40s myself, it has become more my focus to help those of a similar age demographic, although I can tailor this to anybody in the same situation, to help them achieve their goals or simply lead a healthier lifestyle.

"If the people we work with today mean more to us than we do to ourselves, we will be good at our jobs" - Mike Barwis, Barwis Methods.

Why do you need this system?

Good Question, well their are many areas of our health and wellbeing that need constant attention and reassessing, especially as we get older or more successful and now lead very hectic, stressful lives. It becomes more important health wise to maintain a level of health and fitness for us too be able to function both physically and mentally on a daily basis, that being said you don't have the time to plan this yourself, or motivate yourself so following this system will give you specific goals, accountability and support to achieve this without adding to your stress and work load.

Missing one hour in the gym so you can spend an extra couple of hours at your desk will lead to a slippery slope of deconditioning that will inevitable lead to health and wellness issues down the line, to the point where it will be almost impossible to come back from, or at least make the job twice as hard as it needs to be, Maintaining discipline in the gym will lead to a healthier mind and body, making you more efficient in your career, in both productivity and stress levels.

"The gym is a pressure release that enables the body and mind to release the steam it needs to function properly" Dave Tate, Elitefts


How will it benefit me?

There are 4 key areas that need to be looked at as we get older, and so are worth keeping these in mind whenever you decide to embark on any type of lifestyle change, these 4 areas will underline why we need to be following a structured fitness regime,
1.Exercise lowers the risk of disease.
Now I'm not saying a 6 pack will cure cancer or a big squat will reverse dementia, but what i can say will the upmost confidence, especially those in very high pressure jobs, that as we progress through life we are more prone to diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diet related diabetes. Exercise has been proven time and time again to lower the factors that cause these killers.



2.Exercise improves mental health.

Many top level executives lead very stressful lives which can lead to anxiety and a breakdown in our own self esteem, having a release in some form of physical activity can give us that depressurisation and a renewed sense of self worth, it can give you purpose and drive, and keep help the brain reline itself into performing better in other aspects of our lives and relationships.

Dopamine is a chemical that is released into the body during exercise and healthy amounts of this massively counter towards anxiety and depression.


3.Increase drive and passion.

This leads on from the mental health aspect, for example, working out in the morning before work is a perfect way to release the dopamine's and increase motivation and drive for the day ahead, igniting your passion for life and making you feel like you've achieved something before the day even starts, or alternatively training later in the day can provide you with a release from the days stress and help you finish the day on a positive mindset, and help your sleep and switch off patterns.


4.Improves Memory.

Now I'm sure I'm as worried about this one as well as everyone else, as we jump over that hill feet first, thinking we are still in our 20s, memory loss and brain function start to deteriorate and lowered brain function is a huge problem, especially if your required to be on your game 24/7, but their is a way of slowing this down, using exercise to increase blood flow we can increase oxygen uptake in the brain, ultimately fuelling and training the brain as well as our bodies.


How can Corporate Strong help you?

Honestly there are numerous ways it can help you, the list is endless but im gonna outline the main ones

1.Planning - Training plans that will fit in around your work and home life.

2.Preperation - How to implement training into your already hectic lifestyle.

3.Structure - When to train and when to rest, incorporating flexibilty.

4.Diet - Healthy eating and Healthy choices when out and about.

5.Motivation - Providing constant content and info to keep you on track.

6.Coaching - Video, text and 1to1 coaching for all aspects of your plan.

7.Mentoring - Phone and Skype consultations.

8.Acoountability - Diarys and check ins on a weekly basis.


The main thing is apon signing up with Corporate Strong at Physicallyfit, you will be part of a growing network of professionals that all have similar goals and needs, there will be a private facebook page where you can share you thoughts and experiences, also ask me any questions or the group about their experiences on the program. This is still in its early stages but it will grow and im hugely passionate about making people lives better. Ive been training people and athletes in the gyms for years but now its time to grow a bigger family.

Stay Strong 

Simon "Diesel" Yates