PowerHyper Advanced 4 Week Program


Using aspects of both Powerlifting and Hypertrophy Bodybuilding Style training, this program is an intense 4 week program.

It includes the calculations you need for your main core lifts- Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press.

Includes video links for every single exercise in the program.

Short 10-20 sec mobile friendly videos showing every exercise in program.

Thank you to all the Physique warehouse members and Physically Fit clients that helped with the videos

Also includes detailed supplementary exercises to give a full in-depth plan for 4 week. Every day is a different workout, there is no repetition, so once you have completed the four weeks you can restart the program.

This is an amazing program that I have used on numerous clients with spectacular results for all of them. This program will give you as much as you put into it.

Week 1. Focusing on Drop sets, a technique where you drop the weight and continue the set, usually to set number or failure. Also called “The multi-poundage system”,

Week 2. Uses Supersets to increase the blood flow to the muscles being worked. A superset is performed with two exercises on either the same muscle groups or opposing muscles, moving between the two exercises with no rest as a single set and then taking a short rest between sets.

Week 3. This is your Heavy week on your big lifts, working up to 85% of your 1rm and on your other exercise we will be focusing on Functional Hypertrophy. Working up to a heavy set of 6-8reps on your final set on some exercises and working with a weight that makes you fail at the stated rep ranges.

Week 4. This is the final phase of your program which is the “Deload” phase. All exercises are performed around 60% of your max allowing your body to recover from the heavy lifting, and pumping blood around the body for active recovery.

Once completed the program can be repeated again using your new predicted one rep maxes for your calculations.