24″ Red Villain Stiff Wraps


Designed with strongman disciplines and powerlifting in mind, this is a structured redesign of our best selling Villain wrist wrap.

Keeping our unique belt loop tightening system, extended from 16″ to 24″ and using a much more rigid material these wraps give unrivaled support.  Not suitable for wearing continuously between sets like the 16″ wrist wrap, these are fitted for each lift with absolute purpose.

These are VERY STIFF and are considered a cast like a wrist wrap aimed directly at powerlifting and strongman competition disciplines!

Gear Specs
  • Redesigned loop.
  • Overall length is 24 inches, including velcro.
  • 20 inches fabric + 4 inches Velcro = 24 inches.
  • Width of the wrap is 3 inches.
  • Velcro has a width of 2 inches to secure your wraps.
  • Double velcro for multiple attachment sites.
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