Smash your goals with our bespoke online coaching programs

Covid moved a lot of our work online. And though we’re happy to be able to offer face-to-face appointments again now that the pandemic has eased, we think there will always be a place for our online coaching programs. Here’s some more information on what we can offer our remote clients. 


What does our online program involve?

This is a fully tailored, twelve week progressive program that’s designed to help you meet your specific objectives. 

Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose weight, get ready for a competition or keep up your training off season, Simon ‘Diesel’ Yates and the team here at Physically Fit will put together a three month strategy that will help you smash your goals sooner. We’ll also be available to provide support via text or email throughout the duration of your plan, so you can contact us if you have any questions or hit any stumbling blocks along the way. 

If you want to continue working with us after the three months is up, we’ll happily devise a new program based on your results to date and your new ambitions.  


How much does our online coaching program cost?

Our online coaching program is currently available for £100. There are no monthly fees – just a one-off payment for 12 weeks’ worth of plan content. 


Who should sign up for our online coaching program?

Our online coaching program is perfect for people who want to benefit from our many years’ experience, without having to physically travel to the gym to train with us. It’s also ideal for those of you who would prefer to follow a plan yourself for a relatively short period (with regular check-ins if you need them, to keep you on track). 


What other options are available for clients who would rather train remotely? 

We also offer our Online Coaching System, which is the better option for clients who want to be held accountable. With this service, you’ll get a four week bespoke training program that includes all weights, exercises and goals for this entire period. You’ll also receive feedback on any videos you send through to our team, and additional instructions for any movements or exercises you need help with. It’s designed to be an ongoing solution that not only accelerates your progress, but keeps you moving forward and striving for more! 


One of our clients, Emily Mai, had the following to say about our online coaching program: 

“After winging it at the gym for a while I decided I needed a program to follow so that’s when I got in touch with Simon at Physically Fit. He devised me a 12 week strength and conditioning online program and I can honestly say week by week I’m enjoying it more and more. It’s so nice to be following something from someone who is so knowledgeable in this field and I can feel myself progressing as the weeks go on. I’ve tried programmes from other people but nothing has compared to what Simon has given me. I’d highly recommend him and I will definitely with be sticking with him as my online coach.”