A collection of customer testimonials based on the training provided by Physically Fit

Hayley robinson – bikini competitor

I love training with Diesel (Simon Yates) He is super knowledgeable and is a hundred percent focused and never fails to motivate and inspire me in every session. Furthermore, his knowledge and support was invaluable for my first time competing. I cannot recommend him as a personal trainer/coach highly enough. Thank you xxx

Ashleigh Duffin – Strongman Competitor

After competing in my first local strongman competition, I’d well and truly got the bug, I decided it was time to step up my training and start looking for a coach, initially I was a little sceptical, no real idea on what I wanted or needed in fact. After what felt like a long time searching, I was introduced to Simon, we had a conversation about my own personal goals and I could immediately tell Simon was the coach for me, the knowledge he portrayed and his desire for helping others had me walking away looking forwards to joining his team. 18 months later I have never looked back, enjoying every personalised training block given to
me. I feel confident in my technique and positioning and this is all down to Simon’s guidance, he always makes himself available for questions I may have (trust me there has been a few) and pushes me to better myself.

I really can’t recommend Simon enough, if you are looking to get strong and smash PB’s he is your man.

Jonathan Cotton – Strongman Competitor

Prior to starting with Simon I had never had a coach before. I was seeing some stagnation in my lifts and wanted to increase my static strength as well as my conditioning for moving events. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by his programming initially, it was a lot more volume than I was used to. But it paid off in dividends, my static strength improved in the overhead, deadlift and squat and my moving events got better as well. Simon keeps the training interesting with a lot of exercise variation and programs and is quick to answer any questions, offer suggestions or critique form. And the deload weeks always come at the right time. I’ve really enjoyed my experience working with Simon so far. I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish this coming year. When international competition starts up again, I’ll be ready!

Tyler Cotton – Professional Strongman

I began working with Simon directly after securing my pro card in strongman. Up until this point, my brother and I had constructed our own programming. This was successful for a period of time, but we knew that eventually we would need professional coaching to reach the next level. Simon and I hit the ground running. With my pro debut show scheduled 6 months out, we had plenty of time. Under simon’s guidance, I brought my absolute best and most well rounded package to America’s Strongest Man, proving that I belonged in the pro strongman circuit with a 2nd place finish. I cannot speak highly enough of simon and his approach to coaching/ programming. It is methodical, straight forward, and most importantly, it works.
I would (and do) recommend Simon as a coach to anyone, whether it’s a performance athlete looking for guidance, or someone simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle, Simon is the man for the job!

Afolabi Abdul – Bodybuilding Champion

I have been a bodybuilder for over 10 years and when I first approached Diesel to help me improve muscle mass, he suggested I try his powerhyper program to improve my physique. He was so knowledgeable and professional throughout, he supported me through my training and was always on hand to offer advice. Diesel is always responsive, both in answering small day to day questions and adapting my programme over time to meet my needs, I know he cares about my progress and pushes me to develop my technique and positioning so I could lift more weight more efficiently throughout the course of the program. If my progress ever slowed or plateaued, he recognised the changes needed and created new training blocks to maximise my progress.

Over the initial 12 week program my PBs went up by 40kg for squats, 35kg for deadlifts and 40kg on my bench press, My muscle mass was noticeably improved – this was evident from my 3rd place qualification to the British Finals in a very strong class.

Overall it’s been a very positive experience and I look forward to continuing to see improvements. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Jeannette Gilbert – Marketing Strategist

For years I have invested ££££ in Personal Training and have never achieved any desired physical results or personal goals. Diesel is the first personal trainer I have worked with that has taught me techniques to build mental stamina, power, increased fitness, will power, motivation and much more. With Diesel, you wont need to count your calories or deprive yourself of your favourite food  (too much) because you will be working too hard at the gym burning it off! I am about 6 months into training with Diesel and I am see good results. So much so, I now need to up my goals.

Craig Spires – Fitness Enthusiast

I have known simon for a long time, Even though I wasn’t one of his clients at the time, he was still willing to provide me with helpful tips towards my training and provide me the advice I needed in order to improve upon my weaker areas of my physique.

Recently I have become one of Simons clients to help me improve upon my legs. Its not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure. I cannot speak highly of Simon, he is a committed, Knowledgeable and most importantly, a dedicated Personal Trainer. Already, after only 4 sessions, I can notice an improvement and that’s down to the personal attention given in my sessions by Simon. He clearly puts in the time into designing the sessions which are full of variety, ensuring each session is a challenging one!

I would recommend Simon in a heartbeat!

Henry Simmons – TV Personality & Developer

I’ve been working with Simon for 3 years now, and I am impressed with his depth of knowledge, we are always working towards new goals, and he keeps the training interesting.

Due to my very busy lifestyle, Simon always sets me goals and targets for when we cant train together, and always keeps in contact when I’m away.

Not only has he given me a better physique, but fitter and more functional, not just useless muscle that only looks good, but helps me in my everyday life too.

Rav Wilding – Television Presenter

Finding a decent trainer can be tricky, so many you see in the world of social media may “look” the part, but don’t have the in depth knowledge and years of experience I personally would want from a PT. This is however what you get from Simon “Diesel” Yates. As an elite level strongman and former champion bodybuilder he uses this wealth of experience to train anyone of any age, at whatever level and most importantly to whatever their goals may be.

I don’t recommend personal trainers often. I would certainly recommend “Diesel”

Norman “Maverick” Rogerson – Bodybuilding Champion

I’ve been training pretty much all of my life as a hobby and as my full-time job as a Firefighter. I’ve known Simon(Diesel) for a lot of years as a coach and as a friend. During this time he has guided me in various aspects of my training and nutrition. I’ve had numerous leg workouts with him which were only 30mins but felt like the end of the world. But to be honest I love the pain haha.

I had been toying with the idea for a lot of years of maybe one day competing, last year I made a bucket list and doing a show was on the list, I sat down and basically turned the switch and decided I’m doing it, I needed a coach and there was no one I trusted more with my journey than Diesel.

I may have trained for a number of years but the knowledge I needed to be show-ready was a whole different ball game, Diesel wrote my diet, training plan and also my highly painful cardio sessions, from start to finish he was there every step of the way with weekly check-ins to the posing and even when things got really hard he was there to kick my arse when I needed it.

I can’t say enough about the guidance I got from Diesel, I would recommend anyone doing the same to look no further than Diesel.

I completed the 14-week prep, which resulted in me winning the UKBFF Sugar Classic 2018 Masters Bodybuilding Class.

Gemma Ferguson – England’s Strongest Woman 2019

I started being coached by Simon not long after returning from competing at World’s Strongest Woman in 2018 realising I needed a good coach.

Since being coached by Simon I’ve improved so much as a strength athlete, winning the Southern qualifiers for England’s Strongest Woman and then England’s Strongest u82kg female of 2019.

Simons coaching approach is second to none, all bases are covered and he’s so supportive and friendly.

Can’t wait to see what we achieve for the remainder of the year.

Adam “BISH” Bishop – Worlds Strongest Man Finalist

Since 2014 Simon has been my training partner, coach and friend. In this time with his support, I have competed at 4 Worlds Strongest Man competitions.

I would not have experienced this success without Simon’s support. His knowledge in the field has been built over decades under the bar and I am extremely fortunate to have him in my corner.

Robert Frampton -World’s Strongest Man Competitor

Having worked in the strength and gym industry for over 25 years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people…..Simon and I have worked and trained closely for many years, his vast knowledge of the gym industry has many paths from bodybuilding, physique dieting, food planning, powerlifting and strongman/strongwoman. He can add his drive and enthusiasm to these amazing disciplines. An amazing guy that I’m proud to call a great friend and will carry on working and training with him for many more years

Laura Foster – Fitness Enthusiast 

I was a regular at Physique Warehouse for 12 months and had no real training plan, always following “social media” posts or watching how friends trained.

I realised I was getting stronger but my body wasn’t changing how I would have liked. I started my PT sessions with Simon and my confidence in the gym has certainly grown, I am learning new movements and even Olympic lifting and powerlifting techniques which I would have never attempted on my own. Simon has shown me how to focus on certain areas of my body and what exercises are effective for me. In doing this my cardiovascular fitness has massively improved and I am so happy with the physical changes I am seeing. Lifting weights has certainly not made me bulky which was a fear of mine before I started.

PT sessions have become part of my weekly life and Simon has become one of my true friends.