Many people believe that online coaching is less effective than in-person training.

It’s often because they think that, without a physical presence next to them, they won’t get proper instructions on the correct techniques to use, or they won’t be inspired to push themselves as hard.

In our experience, though, virtual sessions can be just as successful.

Our well-structured, carefully calculated and fully bespoke programmes are just as productive and target driven as the ones we deliver in-house. The only difference is, one of our trainers is sharing their tips and directions from afar, and you’re training in the comfort and convenience of your own space.

What can you expect from our online coaching services?

We’ve spent the last 25 years honing our programmes. Our expertly devised sessions are built around a variety of tried-and-tested methods that are guaranteed to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. We’ve used these same practices with hundreds of clients in the past, often to help them outshine their competitors and reach high-level sporting achievements.

As long as you follow our advice to the letter, your online coaching programme will reward all your hard work with tangible results. Whether you’re training for general health and fitness or to get competition ready within a particular discipline, we promise that whatever you put in, you’ll get out.

We provide the same level of support as you’d expect if you were working with us at our own premises. Instructions and corrections can be provided through in-depth video tutorials, and we can provide guidance on how to hone your technique by analysing your own training videos. You’ll also receive ongoing support to hold you accountable and keep you motivated – because maintaining a positive mindset is just as important as turning up to train.

What programmes are available?

Our trainers boast experience in a huge range of disciplines, which means that Physically Fit is in a great position to offer a range of coaching options.

Many of our clients get in contact with us because they want to lose weight, tone up, and improve their general fitness and wellbeing. We can certainly come up with a plan to help them transform their training regime, improve their self-image, and optimise their lifestyle for the better.  Others are looking to get in top shape for upcoming bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman competitions, and want to make sure they can access only the best advice from seasoned professionals. In either case, we can develop online coaching programmes that are devised from scratch and based on their own unique dietary requirements, training timeframes, and short- and long-term goals.

Browse more information on our online coaching services here or contact us directly to arrange an introductory call with Simon Yates, our Head Coach and Programme Designer.